BECCA the Label

Personal style, beauty and fashion have long been a source of inspiration for "Becca", the creative force behind BECCA the Label.  Always believing "Life is an occasion - dress for it!"

An advocate of beauty as a source of empowerment, "BECCA" sees fashion as a proactive way for women to engage with the world around them, step outside their comfort zones, be original and unique!  We all know how good it feels when someone says “Wow, you look amazing -- where did you get that?”
BECCA was created not only out of a dream, but also a need. My dream at a very young age was to work in the fashion industry, and for years I did do just that, but for others. Enjoying, absorbing and learning. Through the years as I had children (and grandchildren) my style and fashion needs and wants have evolved. In searching in stores and online, I felt like there is very little out there that I loved when it came to fashion. What I was looking for did not exist.

My “Momma” always believed in being put together before she left the house. My fond memories of “shopping until we dropped” will always be cherished, and with having 4 daughters she did a lot of that. She fondly called me “BECCA”…

I may be a mom and a grandmother, but I love fashion and I love classy...items that my daughters would also shop my personal closet for, as they have in the past and still do.  I am 53 years young and my style shouldn’t be defined by my age… so I bring to you BECCA the Label! BECCA the Label will be a curated collection of feminine and classy pieces for women with a refined sense of style. While our very own label is in the works and even after it’s introduced in the near future, we will proudly offer up the best that we can - focusing on small collections and items not found in big box stores.
BECCA the Label aims to offer a curated collection of timeless and classy collections that are not only beautiful but generational.